From the house that brought you Rollover Reaction

Derived from the medieval chemical science that is ‘Alchemy’, an Alchemist is a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process. Someone behind the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. Their secretive experiments involve the mixing of liquids, resulting in elixirs believed to transform things for the better.

Fully embodying that character, we reimagined scents as bewitching elixirs and became Alchemist.

Our quest to find the perfect fragrance starts and ends with concocting the finest elements to lock the enchanting spell. The result? Bottles of ingeniously crafted perfumes, ready to be the new classic.

"There's an art to perfume that's rooted in chemistry."

Wearing perfume is a ritual that originates from the understanding of chemistry. Questions like, "why should we apply perfume directly to our skin?", "how are pulse points the best place to hold scent?", or "what does it mean for a body chemistry to be mixed with a fragrance formula?" have answers that are rooted in science.

Our fondness for the fascinating art behind our sense of smell is why we came up with Alchemist Fragrance; a space where the science of fragrance and your vivid imagination come together. The instant a spritz of perfume touches your skin, your mind starts to unravel, searching for what the scent means to you. 

The meaning of a scent is rarely left out when we take a sniff of a perfume, making fragrance more meaningful than a liquid of molecules. So no matter your perfume of choice, we want your first bottle of Alchemist Fragrance to be a great start of your journey with us.