Alchemist FILM {04} HOME GARDEN

Alchemist Fragrance and Palari Films are proud to present their inaugural collaboration, the highly anticipated short film "Alchemist Film {04} Home Garden," directed by Gianni Fajri.

Premiering on June 11th at the renowned XXI Cinema in Plaza Indonesia, the film features Sheila Dara and Daffa Wardhana in starring roles.

In the "Alchemist Film: {04} Home Garden," two old friends meet on an island by chance. The woman came for a bachelorette party but ended up alone, while the man lives there, finding peace in nature. They reconnect and explore love between them and with nature. The man's love for the island makes the woman question where home truly is — is it a place, a person, or something else?

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Labuan Bajo, "Alchemist Film {04} Home Garden" explores themes of love, connection, and contemplation. Inspired by the essence of Alchemist's renowned perfume, {04} Home Garden, the film beautifully intertwines fragrance with storytelling, creating a sensory journey and inviting viewers to become a part of the story-making process in this film.

"We are thrilled to present 'Alchemist Film {04} Home Garden' to audiences worldwide," said Tinanda Nabila, CEO at Alchemist Fragrance. "We're not just here to tell stories; we're about crafting something brand new. Picture it this way: every scent from Alchemist is like its own mini adventure. Now, we're inviting you to dive into each one—a world where imagination knows no bounds. It's like blending the enchantment of fragrance-making with the art of filmmaking to create something truly magical. So, when you watch an Alchemist Film, you're also becoming a part of the story. It's a world where the creativity of scent and the visual journey come together in a mesmerizing way. By creating an intersection of scent and film, we hope to inspire our viewers on a deeper level."