Scent for All Senses

Scent for All Senses

Alchemist, is making a groundbreaking move. Aligning with Alchemist’s vision, "EVERYTHING SCENTED WE DO THE ALCHEMIST WAY," accentuates how the brand is more than just a perfume crafter. It embodies a philosophy of transforming everyday moments into extraordinary experiences through the art of fragrance. 

The inspiration for Alchemist’s latest exhibition, which masterfully combines the art of olfactory and mixed media, comes from an orchestra. To realise Indonesia's first multi-sensory concert titled "Scent for All Senses Concert," Alchemist collaborated with world-class violinist Iskandar Widjaja. This unique orchestral performance was inspired by Alchemist's signature fragrance products and took place on August 28, 2023, at Taman Ismail Marzuki.

As Iskandar Widjaja began playing his music, throughout the venue we fill the whole auditorium with Alchemist fragrances, enveloping the entire room in captivating scents. Each piece performed by Widjaja was accompanied by a unique aroma, transporting the audience to different sensory landscapes. "Just as classical music consists of three parts: Overture, Main Theme, and Finale, perfume also consists of Top Note, Middle Note, and Base Note," explained Naya Tinanda, the CEO and founder of Alchemist Fragrance.

Each musical composition has its own story and character, much like the various fragrances of Alchemist perfumes. This concert created a multi-dimensional journey that transcended traditional concert experiences. The interaction between music and perfume became an integral part of the narrative, allowing the audience to create their own personal interpretations of the performance.

The collaboration between Alchemist and Iskandar Widjaja has not only introduced a new dimension to how we experience fragrance but also redefined the sensory experience of live performances. This partnership marks the beginning of a journey where exquisite scents and meticulously curated music harmoniously coexist, transforming ordinary events into extraordinary sensory experiences. As Alchemist continues to innovate and inspire, it remains committed to bringing the essence of artistry and tranquillity to everyday life. We eagerly anticipate future endeavours from Alchemist, confident that they will continue to enchant and elevate the world of fragrance and beyond.